Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nice thing about PMing at SQL Server

Fair warning: shameless plug ahead.

Groups within Microsoft vary widely, including everything from the culture, to the engineering process...even the acronyms. Makes it hard to paint the whole company with one brush.

For instance, take SQL Server. We're not the 500lb gorilla; that's Oracle. In the database arena, we're one of the scrappy underdogs, and it shows in the culture. At the same time, our division is one of Microsoft's established workhorses; we're not an experimental foray into a new business. That also shows in the culture.

It's an interesting combination. It gives us constant drive and motivation, but directed by a maturity that comes from knowing we impact the company's bottom line. As a PM, I really feel both of these factors. I'm always encouraged to think about differentiating, and solving the biggest customer pain points. At the same time, I know we're working on cool stuff that will actually make a difference.

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